SalesCORE™ Introduction Module (SC01)
Z - Core Curriculum
SalesCORE™ Introduction Module (SC01)
Welcome to Benchmark's SalesCORE® online sales training and coaching portal. During this course you will experience engaging video training sessions packed with the latest academic and field tested best practices guaranteed to increase your...
Sales Objections (SC022)
Z - Core Curriculum
Sales Objections (SC022)
Learn the critical steps of overcoming, preventing, and diagnosing objections throughout the sales dialogue. We suggest watching one video and completing the accompanying 1-2 exercises each day instead of trying to complete the entire course...
Growing Your Business Prospecting and Multistage Deals (SC04)
Z - Core Curriculum
Growing Your Business Prospecting and Multistage Deals (SC04)
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Welcome to the InterviewACE™ Workshop. This 3-day advanced-level workshop covers everything you need to prepare for your sales interview and standout above the crowd through Attitude, Connection, and Evidence. During this course you will...

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